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How To Make Millions Without A Degree:
And How to Get by Even If You Have One
By Simon Dolan

Customer Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars - A must buy! By Sally Simpson87

"Finally a book that is relatable and easy to understand! Other books paint a 'fluffy' picture that when starting your own business there are no tough times, and it was great that Simon was so honest on what barriers he hit and how he overcame them in order to make him as successful as he is today."

"He really makes it clear that the best business tactics aren't necessarily the most fancy (and don't involve the background knowledge of a degree!). Drive, determination and a clear business vision, this book includes all the motivation and tips needed to starting a business. Definitely a must buy."


5.0 out of 5 stars - Dragon of Twitter By Fan of all "fan_of_all"

"I have read all the Dragon's books now and have to say this book is a great read drawing on a few interesting back stories and shows a few people that the author Simon looks to for inspiration himself."

"This book makes you realise that to get on you have to work hard, don't need that big idea just the big vision. If you're looking for something that is a great quick read, that you will pick up time and again when you need that extra encouragement / push, then buy this."